Inamo - Pay on the Run

Sometimes runs become longer than you expected, or the unexpected happens and you are caught with a need for money and your pockets are empty so what are you to do? We've been trialling the Inamo Curl for the past couple of weeks and it's been the perfect way to have the ability to pay on the run with no stress. Finish your long run with a coffee? No problems!

This waterproof device fits onto your watch band and you can pre-load it with cash through an account with Heritage bank set up for you by the crew at Inamo.  Topping up your account is easy, it's just a case of preparing for the weekend ahead and transferring your money a day or two in advance. Peace of mind is that you can't spend what you don't have and weekly reports will let you track your spending.  Tap and go payments are easy and you can set up a pin for payments over $100 with ease.

The Curl comes in a range of colours and you don't need to limit yourself to just one, you can switch the chip out and change the colour to suit your mood or your wardrobe.  Developed in Australia by a frustrated surfer who just wanted to be able to grab breakfast after coming out of the water this product is perfect for anyone running, riding or swimming or just out for some shopping.

Score yourself 10% off with the code GRTT and you'll able to fuel mid run with no fumbling for coins or a card.  Just head here and let them know you heard about us here.