Lost Your Running Mojo?

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running shoesThis post was written by a clinical psychologist and hopefully will help you to get fired up and running again.

Are your running shoes lonely? Perhaps you’re finding it increasingly hard to wake up early in the morning to run. Or you just can’t feel enthused about your weekend long run. Sounds like you are in need of a major boost to your dwindling running mojo. Keep reading to learn how to regain your motivation to run by using one of the three following psychology-based ideas.

Use Positive Reinforcement

In behavioral psychology, positive reinforcement has been shown to be highly effective in getting people to engage in certain behaviours and activities. So if you’re trying to get yourself pumped up about running again, you can try using positive reinforcement to your advantage. At the end of every completed running session, treat yourself to a specific and special reward. The key thing is for the reward to be something that you really like and don’t have very often. That rules out a vanilla latte! And if possible, avoid indulging in that designated reward item on the days when you decide to sleep in instead of getting up early to run. Again, that rules out a vanilla latte! By doing this, you’ll come to associate the reward with running, and you’ll go out of your way to run in order to enjoy that very special treat.

Lock Away Your Electronic Devices

Before you started running low on your motivation to run, you probably saw running as a great recreational activity. While you’re feeling lazy about hitting the trails and footpaths, you might just be getting your excitement and thrills elsewhere. If you could just let go of those other forms of entertainment, you might find that running becomes enjoyable again. That’s because according to the arousal theory of motivation, humans are inclined to always seek out an optimal level of arousal in their life. Hence, if you lock away all of your fun and addicting electronic devices, you might just feel the urge to get outside to experience a dose of runner’s high.

Join a Local Running Group

One of the easiest ways to get excited about running again is to join a local running group and meet some running buddies. Social psychologists have found that people are likely to conform due to the power of social influence. Not only that, but there’s something really enjoyable about going for a run with another girl and having a good chat. Sometimes it seems that the world’s problems can be solved on a run. Therefore, if you surround yourself with people who love running, you’ll soon find yourself having fun with your running again as well.

Try Something New

If you regularly run on the road, why not head bush and hit some trails? If you live near the foreshore, try driving to the coast and running near the beach. Another option is having a go at a triathlon or a team event. Anything that adds a bit of variety to your exercise may spark that enthusiasm again.

What about Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is supposed to enhance your capacity to suggestion. This means that you’re more likely to take on board things you’re told while hypnotised. Would it work to help you get running mojo back? To that end, we have for you a 30 minute mp3 recording of a guided hypnosis session using binaural beats to help you relax. Download it and give it a go. We’d love to hear your results.

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