Safe Lace – What a Neat Idea!

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Safe Lace openHave you ever been running in a group or a race and the person in front of you stops to tie up a loose shoelace? It’s hard not to go headfirst over the top of them! Loose shoelaces are a nuisance whether it happens to someone else or to you.  Our current beginners running group are finding that too, with two girls having to stop to tie up their laces only yesterday. I often have issues with my laces; I wear orthotics which take up a little space in my shoe, so I can’t pull the shoelaces as tightly over my foot. This means there’s less lace to make into a double knot, so laces that come undone have been a hassle for me many times.

Fortunately, I discovered Safe Lace. This clever yet very simply designed item secures your laces so youSafe Lace closed don’t have to worry about them coming undone.  You just put your laces through the holes of the Safe Lace, tie your laces over it, and then lock them in place by putting the tab on the top over the bottom lock. No more worry about having to pause in your run or walk to tie up shoelaces.

It’s not just sportspeople who can benefit from Safe Lace. It’s ideal for children who go to school. Can’t yet work out how to tie a shoelace? Not a problem. Mum can attach Safe Lace in the morning and those laces will stay tied for the rest of the day. If you work in a field where loose laces are a real hazard, then Safe Lace will stop you tripping over a lace, and could save you from injury or worse.

Safe Lace aloneThere are no negatives about using Safe Lace. It’s easy to use and does exactly what it says it does. There’s free postage on purchases of more than 2 sets, and a range of colours to suit all tastes. As you can see, the white Safe Lace looks great with my Asics, but I do need some purple ones to match my Hokas! Why not grab a set to match each pair of running shoes in your wardrobe?

You can find out more and purchase Safe Lace online from their website at Safe Lace.

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